Marketing as we know it is history.

It doesn’t matter if you’re pitching for a new job, filling seats at a benefit or selling an amazing new product, the world is too cluttered for your message without spending millions on advertising.

The old system is dead, but radical change creates a fleeting window of opportunity for those who are willing to change themselves.

Successful marketers of tomorrow are flipping the rules upside down.

This new era has abandoned self-promotion and hype for an others-centered approach. In today’s economy, marketing starts with helping.

There is no better way to grow, no better way to cut through the hot mess, no better way to reach your audience than to help them. Become famous for your helpfulness and watch how your life changes. You might never have to look for another customer, another donor, or another job again.

What you can expect from Famously Helpful?

Practical insights that show you step by step how to become famous for your helpfulness.

Practical insights that show you step by step how to become famous for your helpfulness.

Inspiration for how helpfulness will improve your business, nonprofit and career.

Confidence to trade self-promotion, hype and ineffective marketing for an others-centered approach that will cut through the clutter of today's over-spammed world.

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A message from the author:

Do you prefer to read paperback books over eBooks? I do. That’s why I’m working on a way to sell Famously Helpful online at cost.  My goal isn’t to make money on this book, I just want to help as many people as possible (probably not a big surprise, given the title right? :). But until that’s set up,  I’ll gladly buy you coffee in thanks for the purchase, or I’ll send you a Starbucks giftcard if we can’t meet in person. Use it to be helpful to someone! Just reply to any email from me with your Amazon receipt and address, or you can reach me at