Practical Practices Concerning Online Guests

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When you host regular online events, you open yourself up to an entirely different branch of content delivery. It’s different than blogging or tweeting, which means it will appeal to a different segment of your target audience. Some people would just rather watch an event than read a blog post, especially if your events give them access to helpful, knowledgeable people.

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The Power of Genuine Conversation

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Last week we looked at why live online events are worth doing. Today let’s consider how to pull one off.

There are a lot of formats to choose from for an online show. The most common is the webinar. Webinars have a bad rap for being boring, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Think through how your show will be structured to be as helpful as possible to your audience and you’ll avoid boring them right off your subscription list.

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4 Ways Your Content Can Support Your Business Goals

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Your content is not your business.

Some people, groups, and organizations can generate substantial revenue by selling ads on their blog, podcast, or YouTube channel because of the size of their audience. But this is not the case for the vast majority of content creators. And I would add that I don’t think it should be the goal for most people and organizations, too. Read More