Generate Leads Online by Appealing to Readers’ Current Needs

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Generate Leads Online by Appealing to Readers’ Current Needs 1

As you create content to help your target market and generate leads online, keep in mind that not everybody who reads it is ready to buy.

While it is helpful to know that your product or service will solve their problem, writing constantly about how to buy from you will alienate anybody who isn’t in the buying stage.

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4 Ways Your Content Can Support Your Business Goals

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Your content is not your business.

Some people, groups, and organizations can generate substantial revenue by selling ads on their blog, podcast, or YouTube channel because of the size of their audience. But this is not the case for the vast majority of content creators. And I would add that I don’t think it should be the goal for most people and organizations, too. Read More

5 Tips to Help You Craft Clear & Compelling Messages

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There was a moment of silence. 

Not the type of silence that deafens a room during a memorial service. Nor the type of silence preceding a lame scare tactic in a movie. 

But the type of deafening silence that fills the room when you’re waiting for feedback from your manager.

“He hates it. He’s going to hate me. I’ll need to look for another job”

These exaggerated thoughts didn’t necessarily run through my head. But they do capture an element of what I was thinking. 

Honestly, I don’t recall the specific task I was working on. But the feedback I received stuck to me like a Velcro ball to a Velcro mitt. And it went something like this: “Tell people exactly what you’re talking about.” 

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