Offers & Giveaways to Attract Leads Online

When it comes to being helpful, you have unlimited options to choose from. Keep this in mind with your email marketing—anybody you have on a drip campaign can benefit from a wide array of helpful offerings. Here are just a few ideas.

An Article or Book of Interest

If you’re browsing the web or flipping through a magazine and you stumble upon an article you find helpful, make a note of it somewhere so you can easily find it again. Then when you need to follow up with a potential customer, you can go to this list and find an article that would benefit them. You can do the same thing by giving them or mailing them a book. Though that’s obviously more expensive, it makes a really good impression. Some people carry around a trunk of books and bring one to a second or third meeting as a gift.

Whether it’s an article or a book, put some thought into how the content relates to the customer. You want to be able to say something like, “I remember you were having a tough time finding a new employee and I found this article that offers some good insight.” This shows you were listening, you were thinking of them and you cared enough to go through the trouble of finding and sending the article or buying the book.

Compiling resource lists

You don’t have to create a resource to be helpful. Some people have had great success pooling lists or folders of resources they use as a giveaway or something they can send potential clients who might benefit. This is the same idea as sending an article of interest, but on steroids. Instead of just one article, you give someone an entire library of resources. These can also be creative, such as a folder filled with royalty free images or music (just make sure you have permission to share them). You can compile any resource that’s helpful to your audience.

Comparing Competing Options

People have been using product comparisons and reviews for some time to increase SEO and organic web traffic. Often, those giving the reviews or comparisons are set up as affiliates with all the companies they’re reviewing, so no matter which one you decide to buy, they get a percentage. It generally goes against helpeting principles to profit from making a referral. You can profit far more by simply helping people and having that return to you in the form of more core business. If you make a note of not making any money off a referral, it also shows your commitment to providing an unbiased opinion.

Implementing this helpeting tactic is pretty straightforward. Find a few products or services that are likely to be helpful to your target market and do comparisons or reviews of them on your website. Remember, doing this as quickly as possible isn’t in your best interest. Far better to do less of these and spend time making sure they’re more comprehensive than other reviews if you’re going to have any hope of cutting through the clutter. It’s also helpful to be first on the scene. Those who review and compare products or services early are more likely to benefit in the form of organic traffic. Be on the lookout for trends in your marketplace and move quickly to review or compare when something new comes up.

Picture Quotes

Pictures quotes are a great way to engage an audience through social media and blogging. It’s a lot easier to like a picture quote than an article link because it takes just a few seconds to read it and approve of the content. Remember most people don’t want to like or share something unless they’ve seen the whole thing and they certainly don’t want to share something they don’t agree with.

Picture quotes are easy to make, too. Just find a pool of great stock images, have a designer create a template that includes the quote, the name of the person who said it and space for a link to your website or blog. These can be your own quotes or they can come from someone else. Keep track of what works best and do more of it. This is a great way to grow your social media following as well, because when people share the quotes they expose more people to your brand.


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