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It’s good to help people with whatever they need.

Laundry, finding a date, doing their homework, whatever it is, helping is just a good thing to do. There are ways to make it better, though.

Consider your content for a moment.You could probably produce content on any number of subjects, answer any question you hear people asking, but to be as helpful as you can to your target audience you need to focus on where your talents lie.

Using innovative marketing with your strongest talents will go farther and help more people. For example, if you’re a dentist, you could still write a blog about learning to garden. People might be interested in reading about your experiences, but if you want to help people as well as you can, a blog about dental care would be far more effective.

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There is a flip side to this, however. Helpeters are willing to help with things outside their sweet spot. If you refuse to take out the garbage because you’re a dentist, you’ve crossed into dangerous territory. Doing something we’re not great at can help keep us humble and remind us that helping is not about us.


What Are You Good At?

So as long as we’re making room to help out wherever help is needed, it’s a good idea to be as efficient as possible with our helping. This means that, most of the time, the way you help can and should align with your strongest talents. Chances are you’re good at more than one thing.

If you’re trying to decide which talents to focus on, I think we should help people with activities that pay us the greatest hourly wage or bring us the most joy. Let’s say you’re still a dentist and an incredible gardener, but dentistry brings a far greater income. On one hand, it would be more efficient to help people as a dentist because it pays more, allowing you to either provide more for your family or spend less time working. On the other hand, you might enjoy gardening and really hate dentistry. Only you know what you need to earn for a living and what you enjoy most. It could be that you do one thing for income and another in your free time.

Either way, in innovative marketing you should be able to find ways to use both skill sets to help in the most effective way you can while still setting yourself up to earn more and enjoy life.


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