The Importance of Patience in Innovative Marketing

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People quit far more often than they fail.

The difference between failure and quitting is the difference between greatness and mediocrity. Great people fail. Mediocre people quit.

Helpeting is an innovative marketing practice and helpeters don’t quit helping people no matter how boring it gets, how shiny the new distractions are or what other opportunities present themselves. No matter how little thanks they receive, no matter how bad the press reviews are or how nasty the troll comments get or how slowly the follower counts grow or how many people unsubscribe or how many critics tell them they shouldn’t quit their day job, helpeters keep going.


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This is vital to keep in mind as you start generating leads online: it takes time. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a clever approach to innovative marketing and expect it to yield instant results.

While you will see improvements quickly, they will be small. More people might open your email this month. That’s a win. Not the multi-billion-dollar business break you were hoping for, a but legitimate win nonetheless. Next month it might be a click rate that rises 1%. Again, this is a win, even if it doesn’t seem like much. Keep pressing on, keep seeing what works best with your target audience, and over time those 1% increases will become the growing business you’re hoping for.


Helping People Is Hard

The world is filled with people who are willing to try something for a while. This is why workout equipment is so cheap on Craigslist. Just like weight loss basics, the principles of becoming famously helpful are not new. They’ve been used by the most successful people on earth since the beginning of time. Yet most people don’t achieve a great level of success from helping people because sooner or later they get tired of helping.




This is the counterintuitive part about helping people. Helping is hard. It’s way harder than selling. It’s harder than working for minimum wage. It’s harder than sitting on a couch. It’s harder than hoarding our talents for ourselves. It might seem like helping would be easy because who wouldn’t want to be helped?

Part of the problem is there are so many people willing to “help” that you’ve got to cut through the clutter just to get someone’s attention. Another part of the problem is that people are worried your help will actually create work or problems for them. Most of all, people are skeptical. They just assume you have an angle and they worry you’re just trying to get close to them so they’ll give you stuff.

People who become great through helping don’t stop helping when it gets hard. They persist. It takes time, but eventually people will see your true intentions, whether for good or bad. You can prove that you’re different from all the other fake helpeters by playing the long game.




You can increase your odds of success from helpeting by anticipating the ugly. Expect the troll comments and the one star reviews and the people who falsely report your emails as spam even though you can prove that they signed up, because helpeters aren’t helping people in order to grow their mailing list or compile a portfolio of glowing reviews.

They’re helping because they want to help people and they know that it requires persistence to break down the barriers people put up all the time. Helpeters believe they can help and that helping is worth sticking with it. That’s why we call it innovative marketing

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