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If generating qualified leads online flows from helping your target market in a way that shows you’re the expert, then the last thing you want to do is ask your audience, “How can I help you?

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It seems like a perfectly reasonable question, but imagine you’ve just wrapped up a get-to-know-you meeting with someone by asking, “So how can I help you?” If you’ve been in a situation like this before, on either side of the table, you can probably guess what the other person says. “Thanks for the offer. I can’t really think of anything right now.” Then you say something like, “If anything comes to mind, just shoot me an email.”


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Asking people how you can help them is going to frustrate your attempts to be helpful. If you’ve been trying to get your audience to tell you what they need, you’re likely going to be frustrated by a lack of responses.

The thing is, asking, “How can I help you?” isn’t helpful. It puts the burden on the other person to figure out what they need and then articulate it to you. That’s like telling a client to do some work so you know what kind of work they’d like you to do.

A true helpeter doesn’t ask how they can help. They take the burden of figuring out how to help all on their own.


how not to help leads online 3


Being truly helpful requires listening intently to your audience and paying attention so that you’re able to make the connection between what you have to offer and what your audience needs. When you’re examining your twitter feed or reading through your Facebook comments, you must be constantly searching for opportunities to help, looking for clues the indicate people’s needs and then making the connection between their need and what you have to offer. As you make these connections, jot them down and strategize a way to respond to your audience or new leads online  in the best possible way.

You’ll have a lot more success if you come up with your best idea on how to help your audience rather than depending on them to sort it all out. Not only will you generate more leads online but your audience will come back again looking for your help. 



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