Generate Leads Online by Appealing to Readers’ Current Needs 1

As you create content to help your target market and generate leads online, keep in mind that not everybody who reads it is ready to buy.

While it is helpful to know that your product or service will solve their problem, writing constantly about how to buy from you will alienate anybody who isn’t in the buying stage.

It’s better to keep in mind that the people in your audience are in all different stages, then write to all of them.

Consider how potential leads online come around to buying a product or service.


Step 1: Realize You Have a Need

A business owner might not realize they need new software solutions yet, but they’re probably aware that they’re not growing. If you’re a software solutions company, you could be writing content that clearly shows the link between the right technological solution and business growth, helping this reader to understand that they have a problem and then to identify what that problem is.

Produce informational content for people in this phase, such as guides or ebooks.


Step 2: Research Possible Solutions

Once your reader understands their outdated software is standing in their way, they’re going to start researching possible solutions. This is where your expertise in the field comes into play. Leverage your knowledge and give away your absolute best ideas. This may seem counterintuitive. After all, you normally charge for these gems as you’re setting up the solution yourself. But this is all about building trust and showing your audience that you are the ultimate expert, the expert who would be far better at implementing these solutions than anybody. Which bring us to…


Step 3: Decide on a Solution

Once your reader has decided on a solution, they’re ready to hear your pitch. Sure, they might try to implement their own solutions first, or they might immediately recognize that it’s far better to pay an expert to do this kind of work. (This is where your free trial of consultation comes in handy.) Either way, you want to be well established already as their go to expert. The only way to do that is to start appealing to readers with your content long before they’re ready to buy.

It’s a slow process, but when you produce content that appeals to readers in every stage, you nurture multiple relationships into clients, all without a single cold call, and generate better leads online.





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