Join us for a free* series of online workshops and learn to generate more sales-ready leads

We’re excited to share with you our new workshop series, Double Your Revenue, starting May 26 with Doug Hall. Doug and our host Justin Blaney will also be answering your questions live so sign up now to get your questions added to our list.

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Join us for our first show May 26 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET to hear from Doug Hall on how to double your revenue by firing half your sales team.

In decades past, you could simply hire more or better sales people to grow your business. This strategy doesn’t work anymore. Today you need more sales-ready leads. This series of workshops is designed to teach you how to achieve better marketing without spending any money. If you follow the steps outlined in these workshops, you’ll soon be making more revenue than ever and half your sales team will be obsolete.

Think you can join us? Tweet at Justin or comment below and let us know!

*Why would we offer a free series of workshops? This must be one of those long sales pitches disguised as helpful content, right? Wrong. Our business is built on helping people achieve their revenue goals. We believe if we teach what we know to others, that a few of the people we teach will seek us out to do the work for them. Frankly, we’re pretty busy with new customers signing up based on this model and don’t feel the need to pitch and hard sell our services to everyone we talk to. And the success we’ve had enables us to give back, helping businesses achieve better marketing who can’t afford to hire us. We hope you’ll test us out and see if you can’t apply the principals we teach to your business without spending a dime.


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