Boost Sales by Generating Leads through Introductions

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If you’re ever in Seattle and want to get your network up and running quickly, get over to Tully’s Coffee on Main Street in Bellevue and look for Jeff Rogers.

Nobody will help kickstart your network and boost sales more than Jeff. Not surprisingly, he’s the epitome of a helpeter.

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When Jeff meets with a new contact he doesn’t talk business as a rule. He gets to know you by talking about life—family, travel, sports, etc. The whole time you’re talking with Jeff, his mind is looking for ways he can help, usually in the form of introductions. Jeff filters through his network for people he thinks would be a good fit, people who can help you on your journey, and then makes the introduction.

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Introductions are the central facet of the sales system Jeff advocates, a powerful system with the potential to form bridges between full networks that are otherwise unaffiliated.


That’s great, but how does this help my inbound marketing?

Guiding people to helpful content is the focal point of inbound marketing and will boost sales. You should be creating the bulk of the content you’re recommending to people, but be sure to point them to other helpful sources as well for two main reasons.


  1.  Being helpful means providing the best content, not just promoting yourself. This often means pointing the way to somebody else. Rather than diminishing your expertise, this builds you up as a trustworthy source of information. People love having one go-to source to point them in the right direction. Become this source. They’ll come back to you, which will boost sales.
  2. This increases your credibility. Pointing to other people’s content can help build a relationship between yourself and other reliable sources. When you’re driving traffic to somebody’s blog, it’s easier to ask for the same in return. As credible sources come to see you as a credible source, they’ll promote you on their own platform and drive up your results further and boost sales. It’s a beautiful cycle.


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You have the ability, with your content marketing, to bridge entire networks. That’s huge potential just waiting to be accessed.


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