How Blogging Is Still Innovative Marketing

blogging innovative marketing

One of the best ways to maintain awareness of your brand and build trust over time is with a blog.

This may not sound like innovative marketing, but consider the implications. A blog allows you to write about and establish your expertise in a number of ways to a wide variety of people. It gives your ideal customers a way to find you when scouring the web for solutions to their problems. A consistent, helpful blog is a dream tool for becoming famously helpful.


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The public expects much of what they consume today, even if it’s high quality, to be free. This concept works out for your reader as a consumer because they get your best ideas in exchange for their time and attention (aka no charge). It works well as for you as a business owner because all this helpful insight helps convert readers into paying customers.


Blogging as Innovative Marketing

Blogging is innovative marketing because it’s different than traditional advertising. Rather than shouting from a billboard, you can discuss the issues that matter to your ideal customers. Thanks to the comments section, you can even interact with them directly.

Think this through. You have something to sell, but instead of marketing it directly, you help your target market with information that illustrates your expertise. The better and more helpful your content, the more highly your audience regards you. They become fans and return again and again to get resources from you, disregarding the countless others vying for their attention. They do this because you’re consistently helpful. You don’t waste their time. You make their life just a little bit easier. If we blog better than our competitors, we will see results, even with the enormous constraints on everybody’s attention.

The more content your readers consume, the more they’ll want to work with you. They may not initiate a transaction for months, but someday they will. When the timing is right, the budget is set and the need becomes apparent, you’ll be the first person they think of.

Remember how success isn’t about who you know, but about who knows you? And that the best way to be known by someone is to help them? If a stranger had the perfect solution to your biggest problem and gave it to you for free, you would remember them. If they did this consistently over a long period of time, they’d be well on their way to becoming your first phone call when issues arise. This is what you’re doing with a helpful blog.

Blogging is ultimately about helping people. So figure out who your ideal customers are and get to know them. What do they need? What problems are they facing? How can you help? Then get started. It’s not a quick solution. Starting a blogging campaign today isn’t going to help you meet your quota this month. But in the long run, there’s no better marketing method for building a business.


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