Innovative Marketing: It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You

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Jeff Goins is a blogger, writer, and entrepreneur. When it comes to the idea that success comes from who you know, Jeff is a great example.

His web traffic goes up because many influential sites recommend him. Michael Hyatt, Darren Rowse, even Funny Cat Pix speak highly of Jeff. So, of course, many people learn about Jeff through these connections.

It’s tempting to say “it’s all who you know.” Clearly, Jeff knows the right people. Think about this for a minute, though. Jeff can only know a certain number of people.

Who knows Jeff, by contrast, is absolutely unlimited.

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Hear my Verizon Small Business Webinar and get my newest book free!

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Have I told you about my latest book?

In a world where we’re bombarded by marketing and people trying to get ahead,  I’ve found a way to cut through the enormous clutter of this busy world. This may sound surprising, but the best method I’ve found is pretty simple. It’s being helpful. That’s the inspiration for my new book, Famously Helpful.

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5 Tips to Help You Craft Clear & Compelling Messages

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There was a moment of silence. 

Not the type of silence that deafens a room during a memorial service. Nor the type of silence preceding a lame scare tactic in a movie. 

But the type of deafening silence that fills the room when you’re waiting for feedback from your manager.

“He hates it. He’s going to hate me. I’ll need to look for another job”

These exaggerated thoughts didn’t necessarily run through my head. But they do capture an element of what I was thinking. 

Honestly, I don’t recall the specific task I was working on. But the feedback I received stuck to me like a Velcro ball to a Velcro mitt. And it went something like this: “Tell people exactly what you’re talking about.” 

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